BTC PastPaper June08 - Dividends?

E=mc2 Registered Posts: 12 New contributor 🐸
Has anyone got a copy of the June 08 BTC past paper?

Section 2, question 2.4 a & b - Looking at the model answers, how is the dividends figure of 11000 for the first 12 months, and 2500 for the final 3 months calculated? I can only find info on dividends totalling 12150?

Any help much appreciated!


  • 111beckstar111
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    For dividends you have to gross them up

    12,150 x 100/90 =13,500

    11,000 + 2,500 = 13,500

    hope that helps
  • beansprout64
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    for the 12 months the dividends = 9900 (4500 + 5400)
    you then do: 9900 x100/90 = 11,000

    for the 3 months:

    2250 x100/90 = 2,500

    Hope this helps!
  • E=mc2
    E=mc2 Registered Posts: 12 New contributor 🐸
    Oh god! Ive been thrashing my brain over that one!!

    Thank you so much!!

    I will be so pleased when tomorrow is over!
    MOHMEDSALIM PATEL Registered Posts: 184 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    sorry to say

    please note that you can not divide dividends received as dividends should include when received.

    i do not understand the question but if you calculating franked investing income to find out the tax band then when it received should considered and do not divide.

    please forgive me if i am confusing
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