HMRC on late Returns

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We all have clients who are late in bringing us the paperwork be it late January or afterwards. This has not been a problem as I endeavour to get them in before the second penalty kicks in though I am aware that some Returns from earlier may still be outstanding (not necessarily mine nor my fault but lack of records being provided at all).

However this year I am finding that despite all the staff shortages HMRC claim to have that the few clients who are late have been getting phone calls from HMRC (and I would say that the manner is a little threatening to the client) and the one I have spoken to I would say was unhelpful as she would not explain the speed at which clients were being chased but just 'they are late'. I have not seen a change in HMRC policy and in my cases the estimate tax has been paid. One 'inspector' thought it was clever to then issue a determination in March for an amount greater than had been paid.

Is this happening to anyone else? Does anyone know of a change of policy? Why aren't they chasing earlier years first? I just feel that this is harrassment and adds to any stress factors.
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