Deadline for MSP projects?

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If I want to move on to ACCA or CIMA in the autumn, I'll need to fuinish the third year AAT this summer. That'll include the MSP project obviously, so does anyone know the deadline for that?

Sent my second draft off to my tutor three weeks ago, but she's been busy with study courses, and now has invigilating to do all one else in the office knew :glare:


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    Our college has a deadline of mid-July, but that may be because they have clamped down on people letting it drag on through the summer and getting support in September that they haven't paid for.

    Your dates are more likely going to be dictated by CIMA/ACCA and their deadlines for application for exemptions and exam entry. Might be worth checking with whichever one you are going to study with, so that you can chase your tutor if need be.

    I'm still deciding whether to study further or stop here. Tomorrow's DFS exam will be a factor!
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    There are special arrangements for the AAT to forward details on to CIMA and ACCA for students completing technician. However, you will already need to be registered as a student of CIMA/ACCA and the AAT will need to have received the "sign off" from your tutor in time to update your records. I'm not sure when this is but the AAT should tell you if you phone.

    There are registration deadlines for being able to sit you CIMA or ACCA exams in the coming November or December. If the AAT aren't forwarding your details, you'll also have to meet the deadline for applying for exemptions in time for them to be taken into consideration so that you can take the exams you want in the Autumn.

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