Have read in other posts about resits for these exams in August?
Tutors at colleges have mentioned this - I havent heard this and cant find it on the AAT web site

Can anyone confirm this definitely with reference or is it only for students in colleges?

It must be new coz there are no exam papers in the past section for resits and you couldnt sit the same exam again surely?:001_tongue:


  • columbia
    columbia Registered Posts: 580
    There are no resits in August. The exams are only held in June and Dec.

    The answers will be posted up in August around the same time that the results go out, perhaps this is what people were referring to.
  • Chris023
    Chris023 Registered Posts: 93 ? ? ?
    maybe people are referring to the simulations?
  • bambilicious
    bambilicious Registered Posts: 43 ? ? ?
    I have heard that there is a computerised version of the central exams for resits! I only know this becasue I was earwigging yesterday when a candidate was refused entry becasue he forgot his ID. She mentioned to the other tutor about him going to have to do the computerised one instead! :001_unsure:
  • bambilicious
    bambilicious Registered Posts: 43 ? ? ?
    I think this is unfair in any case as it tells you to bring ID with you to the exam - everywhere you look!! Just say we all would like to do the computerised one?? :001_tt2:
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