IAS's in DFS

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Just wondering what method people are using to revise them?

Are you just learning little bits about all of them or in depth about the main ones? Our tutor said we need to know them all (which wasn't very helpful!). Looking back on the last 6 papers, he only seems to ask on a few subjects but there is always the risk of him throwing in some random one.

Has anyones tutors given any better advise than just learn them all ?? :001_tongue:


  • garry_coombs
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    I am trying to learn them, I have written notes on them, but I have very little interst as I don't meet them in real life!! I am really trying though.

    My worry is that if they come up in section 2 it could be a high % of the marks for section 2, but for section 1 I can do all the 3 parts so in theory it wouldn't have a huge impact
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    Hi - yes in the same boat - am trying to remember a bit of each and just cross my fingers - good luck for tomorrwo by the way
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    Trying to remember them is a nightmare, think will just try to remember the number and the heading and try to refer to them in the right context haha.
    Has anyone read the unit 11 guidance notes, interesting reading, the first paragraph about written tasks made me laugh...so true!! :lol:
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    I'm finding this tricky too, as there doesn't seem to be a pattern to what you can be asked.

    So my method is a bit risky, but I know there's no way I can remember them all. Here's what I'm doing (eek!):

    * I have made notes on them all, so even if I don't know all the definitions - which I don't - they will at least ring a bell if if they come up in the exam.

    * I have attempted to put into my own words though I am finding this difficult, so I am also noting down answers to theory questions from previous past papers, as I find the wording of these make more sense to me.

    * I'm also trying to remember small key phrases from the definitions and will just try to put the rest of the answer into my own words. The actual definitions are far too wordy for my brain to remember.

    * And the most risky part, but the only way my brain is going to retain any info is if I'm going to concentrate on the ones I find easiest to remember and that make most sense to me, as well as ones which have come up in past papers. Basically anything I like the look of, I'm going to try to remember!

    No doubt though tomorrow, all the ones I'm not really familiar with will crop up!

    I've never had this much trouble with theory before - there were usually a few bits I knew and found easy to remember and I could then concentrate on other questions which were likely to come up. But with DFS you have no idea what you will be asked. Every IAS/IFRS seems as likely as the next to me.

    So, yeah that's what I'm doing - hope it works out!

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