I need an FRA buddy

Can anyone help me out with FRA stuff? Its been almost 2 years since i done it and its my 3rd resit tomorrow!

Ta Muchly


  • lori
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    ask away anything i can try and help you with i will as will anyone on this site i've found them very helpfull - doesn't matter how stupid or silly you think the question is someone else will have the same problem and someone will always give you the answer
  • twinmeister
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    I'll be your buddy! from what you've posted you seem on top of everything though.

    I've done 3 exam papers today and can apply all the theory pretty well, but I can't damn well add up! My calcs are just rubbish. It's as if I'm concentrating in the hard stuff and forget the really easy bits, like Dr a Dr =+ and Dr and Cr = -.

    Going to sit in the garden before I start next paper.

    Just looked at my living room and think I'm going to exhibit it as a Tracey Emmins Art Installation called "Exam Revision Chaos - paper, calculator, coffee cup, plate, laptop explosion".

    Too much caffeine, not enough sunshine.

  • jackiepowell
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    I really really cant get my head around 4 areas! Goodwill...Capital Accounts...Provision for Doubtful Debts....and Journals!!!!

    If any of these come up tomorrow im fluffed!!!!! :(

    Think im trying to cramb to much in now!
    I am soooo nervous about tomorrow!! I realy need to pass this time! Its 3 times!!! :blushing:
  • RAR
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    At peace with myself

    Can,t eat, can't sleep ... too much stress, coffee and fags

    And for what? Is just an exam...Is my first time tomorrow. If it goes wrong it

    goes wrong and that is it. Is not the end of the world.

    I am terrified but it will all go away tomorrow at 5:00pm:001_smile:
  • Lana1
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    Too much caffeine, not enough sunshine.


    How true!! lol
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