Trial balance and etb accounts

i have noticed in past papers that some have all the accounts listed and we would just need to fill in the figures, but then some have nothing at all.

what do you think they will have for 2morro?


  • LoopyLou!
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    I'm hoping they have the accounts listed... I always seem to miss one out!!:001_unsure:
  • mikes
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    Section 1 usually test you on incomplete records, ie you will have some figures. Then you will need to work out some ledger accounts, ie the purchases total in the PLCA, using the opening and closing balances and the Bank amount. Some questions may follow on from others, by using their answers. And then there will be adjustments to be made. Ending with a P&L account and Trial balance to be drawn up.

    Section 2 usually concentrates on Partnership accounts.

    However past papers do not indicate that the same type of questions will be tested again. You should be prepared for all types of possibilities.

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