Tippex in exams

HayleyM Registered Posts: 63 ? ? ?
On one of the ECR questions yesterday, I wrote down my answer and then changed my mind and tippexed the whole lot out. It was one of the written answers and I tippexed about three whole lines.

I know it's really stupid but now I am really worrying that my paper wont be marked because I used so much tippex on that one question.

Does anyone know the rules about tippex in exams? I am seriously worrying about failing over a bit of tippex!!


  • mikes
    mikes Registered Posts: 254
    They say that tippex should be used in moderation. As long as the examiner can still read your answer and it is correct, then you will be ok. As they dont judge you on how much you use.
  • HayleyM
    HayleyM Registered Posts: 63 ? ? ?
    Oh thanks! You have put my mind at rest! I know it's such a stupid thing to worry about but it's been on my mind since yesterday.

    Thanks :thumbup1:
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