Not turning up for exam..

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I was wondering if I don't turn up for exam tomorrow, will I have problems with AAT for that? :huh: ...
I am sooo not ready for this exam.. and thinking what is the point of sitting it if I can't do most of the past papers without looking into answers.


  • taskey
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    why don't you turn up and try? you have paid for it already and it would give you the experience of doing the exam

    you never know, you might pass

    Give it a go

  • keithy1978
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    I agree you have to turn up and do the exam really! The results are dependant on showing competance in both sections which is different from a set pass mark. Who are you studying with by the way?
  • A-Vic
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    I dont think the pass mark is set in stone as you have to wait for the report to come out
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    I look at the exams the same way as Taskey, I have paid over £40 for the exam so whether I feel ready or not I will damm well try. Better that than kick my backside for another 6 months about the waste of money.
  • jorja1986
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    Worst case you dont pass and you have to resit in Dec best case you get it together and you get some marks - either way you get valuale experience and you won't have wasted £40+.

    I nearly didn't go to one last year but i know 30 mins after the start i would have regretted not trying.
  • blobbyh
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    I'm going to offer a contrary opinion on this one to most of the others.

    Is this a confidence or a knowledge thing? If the former, then I'd say, like the others, sit the exam and you may surprise yourself.

    However, more worryingly, you've written you've failed most of the test papers you've attempted which, to me anyway, could show a fundamental lack of knowldge and it's too late in the day to learn core topics from scratch. It doesn't necessarily mean you lack the overall capacity - though for some it could be exactly that - but rather that you may have attempted the exam/s too early for your current ability. This could be through lack of time to study each book chapter, lack of exam preparation or both. Only you know why.

    Most people don't put in for their driving tests until they've been driving for a while, however if you're a natural or put the extra time in, it can be done in a relative short space of time. Passing AAT exams isn't a race and in certain cases, I can see where it would be better to not sit an exam than to go ahead and sit it. If you're 100% certain you'd fail, I'd suggest not sitting it, not destroying your confidence, sort out the reasons why you'd have failed and go for the next one.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
  • I was very nervous about sitting the DFS exam this week. In my mind, I had already passed the exam 6 weeks before because I believed I had acquired all the knowledge to pass it with ease. When it came to sitting the exam I was worried about the possibility of failing it. With it being my last paper and the one thing stopping me from getting my membership, I was very nervous. As soon as I opened the paper, I was more worried about the waiting time to hear that I had passed. That’s an example of a confidence issue.
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