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hi i would like to know about reset? if fail in a 1 exam in Intermediate then does we have to give both exam?


  • whos that girl
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    well i failed my CMCC in Feb and tutor said i am allowed one fail during AAT, so i am aware that if i fail this ECR im Out. But my friend has past everything but think she has failed ECR badly and assumes that it dont matter as she is allowed one fail and will be back in September for level 4, No matter! Im wondering if thats right,:crying: surely if you fail the year end exam i.e ECR then you cant prgress on to the next level untill your competent. Or is a fail o.k for simulations AND exams. MMMM
  • mrspnut
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    It depends on your provider, at our college you aren't allowed to progress with a fail. So if you fail any exam then you have to resit it before you are allowed entry onto the level 4 course.
  • gguest
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    i asked my tudor today she said u only have to resit the one u failed in december
  • whos that girl
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    i resat my CMCC again in may. and failed. so gota go private now. and i will. but that was a sImulation. Say if someone failed ECR(Exam) that we just done on Monday im wondering if that person will be given a pass to continue. Maybe it is just decresion of the college then. Think level four be blooming hard you cant pass level 3. why cant they all stick to the same practice
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