unit 31 sage

is anyone study with premier training? i am thinking to do unit 31 next, have already loaded the sage, it said i only have 60 trial, but my tutor say i should ring sage for some security code to load the programme properly and it should be permanent copy of a programme? anyone else have same problem?


  • Mog17
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    yes, you just have to phone them and register the software then it all works fine
  • Kecak
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    When you buy Sage Instant Accounts or Sage 50, your advice note should have your serial number and a trial key on it.

    You need to call Sage to register the software, and they will give you your full key (which stops it from prompting you how many days you have left).

    Call Customer Services on 0845 111 5555.

    When you get your full key, open your program and go to Tools>Activation>Upgrade Program, and enter the key in the "New Key" box and click Continue.
  • meibaker
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    thanks for your help, done it.
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