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I imagine you get this question a lot...

stefanborostefanboro Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 187
...but which are the core units for technician level?

I have just done all my exams for intermediate level and feel geared up for next year.

After a breif discussion with my tutor she basically told me that technician level basically has two optional units: tax or auditing.

But after looking at the technician student record I am confused. Which units are core units and which are optional?

Unit 8
Unit 9
Unit 10
Unit 11
Unit 12
Unit 13
Unit 14
Unit 15
Unit 17
Unit 18
Unit 19


Any advice would be appreciated.




  • 111beckstar111111beckstar111 Well-Known Registered Posts: 158
    Core units are 8/9/10/11

    optional the rest
  • reddwarfreddwarf Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 528
    Are they the same for NVQ and Diploma as Osborne books don't show units 8 and 9?

  • wolfewolfe Well-Known Registered Posts: 121
    in diploma the equivalent of units 8 n 9 is MAC unit 33!
  • reddwarfreddwarf Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 528
    Thank you!
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