Is it tempting fate by reading for level 4 B4 resuts are in?

I am very superstitious and pessimistic but know that reading for next year would be very sensible - any thoughts?


  • mikes
    mikes Registered Posts: 254
    I think it will do you good. You will have a head start on others, don't get too involved in it just yet, after all, you deserve a break after the exams this week. Just have a quick read through to start with, to give you an idea what the subjects are like. When you are ready to start properly, then you can go through it and make note of any questions that you have, ready to ask your tutor.

    All the best.
  • Esme
    Esme Registered Posts: 711
    I did ECR on Monday and my level 4 books arrived Tues! I've already started reading the level 8&9 books as I really want to get finished by next June, it follows on quite nicely from ECR.
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