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I am thinking about self-studying for Technician Level, and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to go about this. How would I go about sitting the exams, getting Unit 10 project marked etc. :001_unsure:


  • lork
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    You need a tutor to mark the Unit 10 project, and I'm not sure what you do about simulations (if you do the simulation units as your optional ones), but I believe you can pay for individual units at some tuition providers such as BPP and Kaplan.

    You can sit exams as an external student at some colleges.
  • Elena22
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    I ve started technician level, study at home without tutor support.
    Found it not too bad actully
    Sit PEV in June, and going to do PCR and DFS in December/
    I am going to Kaplan or BPP for unit 10. I ve just decided to do a PEV, PCR, DFS, and taxation by myself.
    Units 8 & 9 are tough ones, as Iam experienced in financial accounting.
    I sat my exams in college which takes external students, call AAT for list of them.

    I bought Osbourne books, it is easy to read.
    Thinking of getting a Kaplan book for DFS/ Can anyone recommend it?
  • reddwarf
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    IMHO Kaplan books are over complex, (sometimes useful to find more detail on a particular subject but I find they send me off to investigate further than the syllabus needs) and I find the layout doesn't flow well. Much prefer Osborne and BPP.

    Others of course, may feel differently!
  • jotarrant
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    DFS Books

    I bought Kaplan and found it too long winded. Then got Osbourne from Ebay. Much clearer, especially with standards. You can have mine if I pass in August!
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    I personally found the BPP books quite good but had to re-read some of the text on the harder parts. I would recommend though esp. for DFS to go along to one of their Revision Courses. Here they tell you what they expect will come up and give you step by step proformas for Consolidating Balance Sheets, drawing-up Cash Books etc. This way When it comes to the exam you know exactly what to do and feel more confident in doing it.
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    I have just completed AAT technician by doing self-stufy. I did Intermediate through college but my enw job would not allow day-release so i bought the books and studied at home. I found the BPP books great for the exams, and used the previous exam papers available on this site, to test myself. For the devolved assessment i did Unit 15 cash management and used a Kaplan book for this which i found explained it better. For both the devolved and Unit 10 project my old tutor helped - i paid £50 for the simulation to be ordered from AAT and sat it at college whilst the tutor was free, then for my unit 10 i was lucky enough to just go to see him with my initial idea, my rough draft then my final submission. Work let me have 3 1/2 sessions with him during the days he had his AAT Tech's in at college. He did say if he charged me like he was meant to it would be around £150 for Unit 10 which covers all the meetings, reading of the report and submissions to AAT. I did find it ok to self-study although u have to be determined to do it and not get distracted with the TV or anything!! Am doing evening classes for CIMA as i have heard this is much much harder to self-teach. hope that helped!! :thumbup1:
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