Cash Management Unit 15

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Am just about to start this unit. Has anyone completed this unit, is it tough going and how long did it take you - I am doing it by distance learning.


  • welshwizard
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    I found Unit 15 one of the easiest of the units since Foundation! The best thing about this one is that it is assessed by Skills Test only - NO EXAM!!!!

    You will learn to draw up cash flows and also look at financing a business - loans, shares, bonds etc.

    This is a good 'light' unit (it was certainly a breath of fresh air for me as we did it during our Technician year).
  • NickyW
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    That sounds hopeful!! How long did it take from start to finish?
  • Karen L
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    I did this one by distance learning - set myself up with it for 8 weeks and I found this was time enough before skills test - reasonably straight forward unit as well which made it more enjoyable, if that is the right word ... :001_smile:
  • whos that girl
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    i failed this twice and my ECR for me was a doodle compared. althou i was going through a bad time when CMCC was to be done. I just found it sooo boring and couldnt get into it. the cash flow confused me alot. i forgot my 0000's in the figure too. felt reall stupid but dreding a retake which i gota now find off my own back privately. i dont know where to start looking. i would of like to retake in the 6 weeks holiday. any one have any infomation for this. who to use? where to go?
  • A-Vic
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    I made this unit hard work for myself didnt have any books or anything - although a few people have said it was easy i cant recommend do your reading before you attempt the sim.

    Good Luck :thumbup1:
  • welshwizard
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    NickyW wrote: »
    That sounds hopeful!! How long did it take from start to finish?

    If I remember correctly, from start to finish it took about 10 weeks plus a week for the Skills Test.
  • reddwarf
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    I messed my skills test up at college in December and didn't want to wait until June when we were told we could do it again at college. I boned up and did it on 28th Feb thru Kaplan, they were brilliant, got it marked in a week and had two little things to do, again marked in a week. Did it on a Sat morning at work, with my boss (Chartered accountant,) supervising.

    I would recommend this to anyone.

    But !! my college now won't let me do level 4 because I did this skills test through distance learning - I am appalled, so looks like another distance learning co will get my £££s!!

    Cost was £100bit less than usual as I didn't need a text book, but they provided mock and pratice questions and pass cards booklet. I did the practice stuff but didn't bother with getting mock checked just got on with it ! - I made damned certain I'd do it second time around. My problem first time was double checking cash flow - used too much time!! Lesson learnt there!

    The contact I had at Kaplan was James McNair - couldn't havebeen more helpful. They have to get you to register at a centre though I did Reading. Then then said the stuff to your designated invigilator.

    The contact might get sensored don't know!!

    Good luck.
  • *Jo
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    Anouther big "thumbs up" and thanks to James McNair at Kaplan distance learning, hes helped me out a few times with queries, problems with Sims etc. Actually most of the staff ive come across with Distance Learning are brill.
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