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i am doing my level three with the home learning college and i find it a big rip off when they come out and tell you what you get for your £1600 sounds ok but when you start the course its a big let down anybody in the same boat


  • Jo111
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    Hi Cashy,

    I am just about to start advanced cert by distance learning, however I would't go for HLC...

    I've never studied with them but I did some research around aat forums lately and it seems people don't think they are very good...

    Here are two threads re HLC I managed to find:



  • Andypandy
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    NCN Clarendon only charge about £500 & they're brill, I'm sooo shocked at what you have to pay!!
  • KVeevers
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    i have done level 1 and 2 icb with hlc but doing AAT advance with eagle Education 600 and i get excactly the same as from hlc tutoring study materials.
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    Home Learning college
    cashy wrote: »
    I went to home learning college before i found a local college and because i thought they were good. Its all a big con and they will not let you cancel any courses untill you have paid for all the tuition.Still paying for the course even if i enrolled in other college now!!!
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    OMG!!! :ohmy:

    Join the club cashy... I'm doing Advanced Certificate and mine is more than yours as I need to do an extra unit :cursing:

    My main gripe is the communication with tutors - or lack of it - & cost. I'm already on my 3rd tutor in 4 months and I nearly didn't make entry for the the FRA exam in June.

    I just can't justify the money they are charging. I've done unit 5 completely by myself from the text books with no need for the tutor. Not sure if that was because I've had 10 years in an accounts environment so I knew pretty much knew what was what, but even so I never got an email from my tutor after my exam asking how I did or anything. Surely that is what these people are paid for!!!

    I certainly won't be doing my Diploma level with them :thumbdown:

    I really enjoy the distance learning rather than going to college, so I'll certainly be coming here before starting the next level.

    Worst thing is I'll probably still be paying for this level when I start the next one :crying:
  • Gato
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    I am with Eagle Education distance learning and they are bril.. good prices and always on the ball.
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