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Unit 10

EsmeEsme Experienced MentorRegistered Posts: 711

I've just started the technician level and need some ideas for Unit 10.

I work in industry for an automotive organisation.

The only idea I have so far is changing from paying suppliers by cheque to bacs, but would like something slightly more interesting than this!!

Thx in advance :tongue_smilie:


  • mark130273mark130273 Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 4,234
    you need to look at the whole company from top to bottom and see what is going wrong with it ? discect it and break it down into its core parts and then correct whats wrong with each part......sometimes it might be a small part your looking at but will be enough for a project ? i sugest that you start now??
  • EsmeEsme Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 711
    Ok, thank you Mark.

    I will brainstorm and then contact my tutor.

    I am going to start now to get it out of the way!
  • mark130273mark130273 Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 4,234
    no probs. i have found it is best to start as early as possible becuase if you decide to take to two tax units you will be doing 2 exams in dec then 3 in june...not much time to mess around after xmas.......so if you can decide what your doing and that before xmas then write it over the xmas period then this way it will be out the way by the second half of the year...because when we did it , our tutor wouldnt let us talk about our projects till mid jan....far too late?
    get the organisation

    first thing you should start writing company's back ground.
    when entity has has started trading,who was the founder, how long been trading as a business organisation and major incidents such as restructure or some thing really bad or good happened and how many employer, how each department functioning, any external body involvement etc

    please ensure each subject must have have numbered starting 1.1 ,1.2 and 1.3 etc.it is really important when mapping your project.

    when you finish this part i will give you some other tips for other section.

    i believe giving every thing at once will not help other than confusion.

    i hope this will help.
  • Gem7321Gem7321 Experienced Mentor DevonMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,438
    I'm afraid I disagree, the background information section is meant to be brief! Don't waste your words on this section - remember this is a report to management so they will already have a pretty good understanding and knowledge of the company.

    And I have to say your idea is really good. It may not be very exciting or interesting, but the project isn't meant to be exciting or interesting!
  • jay cutlerjay cutler Feels At Home Registered Posts: 57
    On my unit 10 I wrote a brief introduction to the company to begin with. Then described my role, and anyone finance related breifly mentioned what they did. Then it's SWOT analysis(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). Strengths I found little to write about on my Unit 10, but weaknesses I wrote plenty! Then opportunities on how to tackle weakness. Then threats on security of accounting system. And finally summarised the changes and their impact. 4000 words is probably too little if anything.
  • EsmeEsme Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 711
    Thanks everyone.

    I'm doing Personal Tax and Cash Manaagement so will be donig 2 exams in Dec and 2 in June. I've only ever done one at each sitting before however so would like to get the project started on early so I can do a bit at a time.

    Thanks for the encouragement abut my idea Gem, I'll ask my tutor about it and if she also thinks it's a good idea I will begin looking at the structure.

    It's going to be a hard year I think!!
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