HELP - please could I ask for some advice

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Please could I ask for some advice....(and sorry for the waffle).....

I am trying to get started on my AAT studies. My local college are only offering Level 3 and Level 4 (each level requires 5hrs per week for 1 year). The problem is that the college are not offering Level 2 or any other bookkeeping or accounts courses so I am a little stuck on how to get started.

The college said that it is possible for some people to start at Level 3 but there is an entrance exam set by the AAT and I would have to pass this. However, they said that it is very hard and that they would not be happy entering me without some previous experience.

I have just completed my final A level exams which included maths and business studies. I covered basic accounting in business studies but I am sure this would not be good enough for the entrance exam. I am wondering if it would be possible to purchase a study book and get the knowledge I need for the exam over the next few weeks. I do not want to cheat the system or bypass something I really need but, I would like to study at the college for the convenience and the fact that my fees would be paid for the first year.

Thank you very much indeed for any advice and assistance.


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    hey ur previous knowledge should be enough to pass the test. check out the foundation level past papers on this website. that could help u alot. any waw go for the test and give ur best shot. im sure ull pass
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    Your business studies course, should act as an excemption to the basic level, this course mainly deals with double entry bookkeeping, to Trial balance, a basic bank rec etc. As the others have said, have a look at the past papers, which will give you an idea, as to what is involved and see if there are any gaps which you are not sure on, and if there are, just ask any questions, there will be someone around who will help you, maybe not straight away, but it will.
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    I had the same problem in my home town so i just went to the nearest college (which turned out to be closer) and inquired about courses there - id have a look around to see where else you might be able to do it first.

    Good Luck
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    As long as you know double entry you'll be fine to go straight to intermediate
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    I agree with the above but advise that you'll need to have a reasonable to good grasp of double entry before starting Intermediate. The first thing you'll encounter will be the ETB which if you don't know what an ITB is, will throw you immediately.

    Check out the Books for sale board in the student members section or on E-Bay for old Foundation tutorials and spend the summer months working through the relevant parts of the text. Double entry isn't retaught at this level (though oddly control accounts are!) so you'll have to make sure you understand it before you start. Bank recs are also not taught again so it wouldn't hurt to read that section too.
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