unit 10 letter from employer proving that the Report was true!!

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Hi guys
i am about to finish my report for unit 10 and i dont know what o tell my boss to write on the letter!! so if someone done this b4 can u please tell me what he have to write on the headed letter????

Please guys i got hand it in by Wednesday my deadline!! HELP HELP HELP

thank you


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    I just out this

    I am signing this as the students manager to say that I have read and reviewed this work and discussed the recommendations orally with the student and can confirm it’s the students own work. The work is also a true reflection of the organisation concerned
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    if you want

    if you really need to know what your tutor expecting in that letter than
    is follow


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    RE: AAT unit 10 Project – Managing Accounting Systems and People

    I can confirm that your name is a Department Assistant or your job title
    in the Sales Ledger department at your company's name.
    Your name has undertaken this project, during the performance of his work, with the aim of improving the quality of the Accounting Department of your company’s name Limited.

    I confirm that the project - AAT unit 10 Project – Managing Accounting Systems and People > is your’s name original work and that it has been prepared with the permission of the either your line leader or any relevant authority. I have read and agreed the project and some of the recommendations contained therein have been acted upon.

    The data reproduced in the body of the report and in the appendices adhere to the company’s confidentiality requirements.

    Yours Sincerely

    Finance Department Manager

    i hope this help
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    guys thank you thank you i love you's
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