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can anyone help been doing unit 5 for about 4 month and getting no where fast just seem to be going from one area to the next without putting them together in some sort of order that i can understand


  • blobbyh
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    Hi Cashy,

    Aren't you doing distance learning with the HLC? From what I remember, FRA is set out very logically starting from the ETB right through to partnership accounts and each chapter should be studied in sequential order. If you're struggling, is your study environment optimal for studying? Absorb each chapter in turn but don't dwell too long on them to the point of complete bafflement or despair - you can always revisit them later depending on your learning style. Take study notes, type them onto sheets of paper and carry them with you. Use lunch breaks to glance at your books or notes. Make acronyms or little sayings if you have to - there are probably a few such threads on this in this forum if you search through it.

    This forum is an incredible study resource for everyone and you'll very often get quick and excellent answers by many contributors eager to help. Just make sure to keep your questions simple and precise - it's unlikely anyone will answer half an exam paper for you! Make sure you thank them when they reply as it's very annoying to write a long post for no acknowledgement!

    Good luck and keep in touch!
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    Cashy, the Osborne books approach these units in a sensible order that helps everything come together, I use them for self-study & don't think I'll ever part with them. Good point about long posts Blobbyh.
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    Im doing distance learning with Kaplan. I did struggle at first but the way i got around it was to buy a couple of second books from other learning providers. Sometimes the wording and layout can be different and it helps it to just click. Look on Amazon or ebay they have them all the time.

    Good Luck
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