Break before Level 4 Technician?

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This board has helped me a lot this past year so I wonder if I could get your opinions on whether I should start Level 4 straight away in Sept.

I have worked in account for 2 years now so started on Level 3 skipping Level 2 last year. Passed most things now just waiting for Augusts results. Even though I found it hard to attend every week I have suprised myself by getting through it okay!

I always intended to take a break as I find it quite intense and obviously Level 4 is going up a notch. But now that Level 3 is nearly over I'm thinking...I could be AAT qualified in 12 months time! Very exciting so maybe I should just suck it up and get to it?

I'm just wondering how much of a step up it is as from what I can tell there are double the amount of exams to Intermediate. Did most people do it in one year or longer and is there any advice you can give me?

Thank you! :001_smile:


  • Bookworm55
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    I wouldn't be inclined to take a break, but I might think about doing it slower. I had considered one year to be 'typical' to do Technician in, but it seems that some places do expect you to do it over two years.

    You could consider planning to do the exams in three sittings: Dec 09, June 10, Dec 10. I did five exams in two sittings (PEV and PCR in Dec 06, BTC PTC & DFS in June 07). Although I passed them all first time, some in my class had to retake one or two in Dec 07. I don't think there's anything wrong with being prepared for doing the same thing.

    Why do you say you found it hard to attend? Is it getting the time to study or the course itself?

    You could do yourself a huge favour and get your project started over this summer. It doesn't need that much, just a couple of hours once a week would let you get a lot done. Also, any familiarisation with the material for the other Technician units would make for a smoother transition.
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    I totally agree i couldn't dream of taking time out it make it twice as hard to come back.

    Even though i havnt had the ECR results ive started getting info together for Unit ten, even if i dont finish it over the summer at least it keep the brain working.
  • twinmeister
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    Hi Pinchy,
    I'm in the same position. My tutor advised me to get Technician out of the way in 2010.

    Have a look at my previous post about the syllabus changing in 2011. It may help you decide to get it done next year too!

  • Pinchy
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    Yeah thanks everyone.

    I was concerned about the syllabus changing but I have since spoken to AAT who informed me that once a level is done its done. You only fall into trouble if the change occurs when you are partway through a level. So you can have level 3 in the old standards and level 4 in the new - i now know people on here that have that so am unconcerned about that.
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