Break before starting Level 4?

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This board has helped me a lot this past year so I wonder if I could get your opinions on whether I should start Level 4 straight away in Sept.

I have worked in account for 2 years now so started on Level 3 skipping Level 2 last year. Passed most things now just waiting for Augusts results. Even though I found it hard to attend every week I have suprised myself by getting through it okay!

I always intended to take a break as I find it quite intense and obviously Level 4 is going up a notch. But now that Level 3 is nearly over I'm thinking...I could be AAT qualified in 12 months time! Very exciting so maybe I should just suck it up and get to it?

I'm just wondering how much of a step up it is as from what I can tell there are double the amount of exams to Intermediate. Did most people do it in one year or longer and is there any advice you can give me?

Thank you! :001_smile:


  • The Deadman
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    If I were you I'd finish the AAT unless you want a *wasted* year. AAT intermediate is fresh in your mind so carry on. No point holding yourself back for a *wasted* year. Moreover DFS is easy, do the CMCC and Audit modules if you want to avoid more exams and get the 4k word essay out the way now. That way your left with PEV and PCR (I found them dead easy). So you can get 2/3 of the course out the way by december if you wanted to. Finish the AAT.
  • Lyndyloo
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    Break before starting Level 4?

    I would not recommend taking a break, I too started at level 3 and have just sat exams for level 4. Stick at it for another 9 months otherwise you will regret it. Good Luck
  • Pinchy
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    Thanks people.

    The 4K essay - I have done a 1.5K essay which my tutor said would prepare me for the 4k and also that I can use the same tpic and just expand. It was about spotting an area in the accounting system at work that you can improve. Is this what the 4k is about? I would appreciate some info on that as I may do that this summer.
  • Manac Les
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    Carry on!

    I would really recommend you carry on straight onto level 4. If you take a break you will only have to go back over your level 3 before you go back and re-revise it all before the exams as, in recent years, there has been a number of occassions where level 3 has been re-examined in level 4 exams. Persevere with it - it will all have been worth it this time next year. Best of luck!
  • Londina
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    I suggest you to not take any break....I did a massive mess with my AAT, I actually started in 2003, did my foundation exams in 2004, then I wanted to take a break, I started again in 2005, did FRA and ECR exams in 2006, then another break...started this Jan 2009 Diploma pathway and because I did the last exams 3 years ago, couldn't remember much of the old units, especially costing, which I struggled a lot. Now I will make sure to finish the AAT asap, without taking any more breaks!!
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