Unit 5 Simulation Looming

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I started at intermediate level which turned out to be an OK decision as I have passed all of Unit 6 (still awaiting exam results but confident) and 7 and seem to keep pace with no trouble. However we started with Unit 5 in Sept to December 08 and despite passing the exam I failed the simulation. I was advised to resit this month. I have been up to my eyes in revision for unit 6 exam & simulation and have not had time to look at unit 5.
I have had my books out twice now and I am terrified, I still am unable to make it work for me. I am due to re-sit next Thursday and between three kids, overtime at work and a friend in need I can't see any way to find enough time to get to the place I need to be.
Did anyone else find Unit 5 a nightmare? I dont think I have ever balanced a TB correctly and the double entry system might as well be written in Swahili!!
Any suggestions? I found 6&7 a doddle compared to this??:crying:


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    I found this simulation very long and tiresum but managed to get through it without any more questions thankfully, I have got the answers to the osbourne books simulations if you need them to have a look through!

    Sorry cant be of much more help

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