Paternity Allowance?

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Dear Members,
I understand that a self-employed expectant mother is entitled to claim 'Maternity Allowance' in place of Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) if they meet the necessary criteria. As Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP) was introduced not too long ago, I was wondering whether self-employed dads could also claim an equivalent paternity allowance? I have not been able to find anything at all and thought I'll try this forum first in case there are any members who may have been asked this recently. I look forward to your comments.:001_unsure:
Cheers Guys


  • payrollpro
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    No slick, fathers, a mothers partner and the partner of the adopting person have no entitlement to an alternative paternity allowance because there isn't any such thing, yet!

    Note that paternity pay is not just limited to male partners, the female partner in a birth or adoption is equally entitled to paternity pay (SPP) and employers are not permitted to restrict occupational alternatives, if any, to just fathers.

    The government was advised to change the name of SPP to make it non gender specific but they decided that might confuse employers!!!!!

    I call it insulting our inteligence but, hey ho, that's just me.

  • slick
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    Thanks Payrollpro. You've confirmed what I already suspected! What I didn't know was that 'female partners in a birth or adoption are equally entitled to paternity pay'! That is oh so not fair for those self-employed expectant dads:thumbdown:
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