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Hi All,

I want to compare 2 revenue figures for 2007-2008 to find out what the increase is, I know I'm being blonde but what is the formula?

Thanks :thumbup1:


  • Bookworm55Bookworm55 Trusted Regular Posts: 479Registered
    Are you after something more sophisticated than:

    Y2 revenue - Y1 revenue = increase in revenue

    or (Y2 revenue - Y1 revenue)/Y1 revenue = % increase in revenue

    eg 2007 revenue = £10 million, 2008 revenue = £12 million

    Increase = 12-10= £2 million

    (12-10)/10 = 2/10 = 20% increase
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    That's perfect, thanks!

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    but are you adjusting them for index/rpi increase ?
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    Mark - she is talking about a revenue comparison, dont complicate things :-)
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