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i have just sat, what i hope will be, my final AAT exams (fingers crossed i have passed) and i got chatting to an electrician who is doing some work at my dad's house, he asked what i did for a living so told him trainee accountant in industry.

He went on to ask me if i would be interested it doing some extra work, by way of keeping his books and filling his return for him, he had one quote from someone local of £400 for his first 4 months of trading. He is only a little one man band. I know i am not qualified to sign off accounts, but am i, or will i be if i pass, qualified to do his tax returns and keep his books for him.

I know this will involve insurances etc on my part, but not really knowing where to start to find out if this is even possible or not, so i come to you for advise.....


  • Gem7321
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    Anybody, even without the AAT behind them, can call themselves an accountant and can do bookkeeping and tax returns. It really depends on when you feel experienced enough to take this on.

    Have a look at the Members In Practice section of the AAT website and have a look at the MIP forums, theres a few threads on there about starting up.

    Best of luck
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    you sound like me. im not too sure on wether i would be able to finish and sign off the acounts..........think its all about the confidence on how you use it !

    thanks gem will check those threads out .as i want to start myself off as self employeed....but there seems a lot of things that you have to do first ?
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