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I'm doing AAT Advanced Certificate via Home learning with Premier training...I took both ECR and FRA exams last week and have just started to look at the other 3 units

I'm confused as to how the simulations work as I am unemployed (currently on maternity leave) so when I order the simulations who is my assessor ? or do I take these at home ? isn't someone supposed to supervise me?

any guidence will be much appreciated


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    It can be anyone who is professionally qualified in any occupation and have a similar professional ethics guidenance similar to the AAT. Ie a Librarian, Job Centre official or a Learning Direct centre etc. You can ask them if you can do a skills test at there centre, you just need to do it in a quiet room, where you wont be disturbed. They dont need to be with you all the time. Just to hand you the paper work and let you get on with it. They will send it back to Premier signing it as proof that this is your own work and didn't use any books or notes. Premier will be able to confirm if they are suitable to act as a supervisor and what they need to put in the letter to say that they are willing to do so. I am now typing up my mock test for CMCC to send back to them and then go from there.

    Best of luck.

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    Will the skills test be sent to me to sort out or do I just give them a suitable persons address and have them sent there...I did ring them to find out but she said she thought they would be sent to me...only that seems odd if it is supposed to be a test...still confused:confused1:
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    They should be sent to other persons address. I was able to do Professional Ethics at work and the paper was sent to my line manager at the time. I didn't see it until it came to start and they read the letter that came with it. You will need to arrange a suitable date and time to do the test, with whoever is doing the supervising and then ask Premier to send it, so it arrives in time. I don't know if they keep a stock of them, or if they have to order it from AAT.
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