Previous accountant errors

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Hi there

I am preparing 08-09 accounts for a new client who is a sole trader. I have found that his last accountant finished the 07-08 year missing many of the last months purchase invoices (about 4K worth). The client says they were not asked for any missing info. They didn't even ask for the bank statement that covered the year end?! :confused1: If they had they would have seen that my client disposed of his old van just prior to his year end (at a profit) and purchased a new one on 2nd April 08.

What should I do regarding the prior year transactions - do I need to calculate and revise last years figures?

I'm still fairly new to all this and this is the first client that has come to me from another accountant - did they do a poor job or is this normal?

Any help would be appreciated!



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    Sounds like a poor job but you are only getting one side of the story, just watch yourself with the client as you just never know.

    The previous year will need amending. You can write a letter to the tax office concerned detailing which boxes to change. I would be ensuring all changes are clarified with the client and ensure there is no more missing info.

    I would also be charging for the changes as it is going to take time. May also be worth doing a few other checks if you are concerned as to the accuracy of the work.

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    Previous accountant errors

    Thanks Burg

    At least I know what to do now, I suspected that would be the case.

    Given the accountants took 4 months, 3 letters and two phone calls to actually send me the previous accounts and schedules I rather suspect they are the ones to blame for the errors, however point taken about being careful ref the client.

    I'll have a look back over the rest of the years work and see if anything else looks wrong.

    Thanks again,

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