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ACCA Exemptions

Chris023Chris023 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 93
Hey Guys

I thought I heard somewhere that AAT grants exemptions from the foundation stage of ACCA

I understand that we are exempt from F1, F2 & F3 from the ACCA exams

What about papers F4-F9? which are classed as skills modules? are these in the foundation stage? I thought we could go straight on to the professional stage.

Thanks in advance


  • Chris023Chris023 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 93
    just done a search on the forum..should have done that first :001_tt2: so I guess we are only exempt from the first 3 papers
  • BluewednesdayBluewednesday Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,624
    Yes you are, it's only really accounting degrees or other chartered qualifications that allow you to start at professional level
  • MWAUGH1983MWAUGH1983 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 420
    yeah from my experience on the accounting degree; the maximum number of exemptions is 9 which clears the first 2 stages of acca and leave the porfessional stage with is 7 papers as there is 16 papers in total on acca.

    with cima the maximum number of exemptions is 8.
  • BluewednesdayBluewednesday Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,624
    There are only 5 papers in the professional stage of ACCA. P1-3 are compulsory and you have to go 2 out of P4-P7
  • Ryan DunbarRyan Dunbar Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    I must admit, i found ACCA very difficult to deal with when it came to gaining exemptions. I tried to carry over 5 completed exams from ICAS and received no additional exemptions.

    It's as if they don't take full recognition of other professional bodies.
  • NeilHNeilH Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 547
    MWAUGH1983 wrote: »
    ...with cima the maximum number of exemptions is 8.

    Actuall it's 11: 5 at Certificate stage and 6 at Managerial, leaving the four at Strategic stage (IncTest of Professional Competence) to sit. Apparently there are a 1 or 2 post graduate qualifications that will grant exemptions from some of the final stage but the only one I know of is a collaborative MSc between CIMA and and Uni.

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