ACCA exemptions

KanatkinsKanatkins New MemberPosts: 11Registered
Have only just found out - on Diploma route need to fulfil experiential requirement of CAT, to get exemptions for ACCA.

Totally gutted, initially started AAT on diploma route hoping to find a finance job, only project to complete now, and still no finance job.

I've wasted my time- now can't progress further until I get some experience - no job - no experience, no experience - no further educational progress - no job.

Any one else in the same situation::huh:


  • taskeytaskey Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 1,800Registered
    have you though about volunteering, not quite sure if that counts though.

    i am sure someone of more knowledge will be along shortly to hopefully shed more light on this.

  • Shoe FairyShoe Fairy Settling In Nicely Posts: 15Registered
    Hi, i emailed acca not long ago to enquire about exemptions - completion of the aat qualification gives you exemptions from f1, f2 and f3.....
  • KanatkinsKanatkins New Member Posts: 11Registered
    Is this for Diploma route??
  • Shoe FairyShoe Fairy Settling In Nicely Posts: 15Registered
    Yes, definitely..i am on the diploma route too..
  • carolyncarolyn Settling In Nicely Posts: 26Registered
    Don't give up

    Hi, don't give up.
    My first degree is in computing. But I can not find a job in IT. So I changed my subject to accounting. I started my studying AAT last July. And four months later, I found a volunteering job in Big Issue. I did credit control. That was very helpful. One month later, I got a temp job. Although only one week, it was very helpful for your job hunting. Two months later, I got a job offer about financial clerk, that was a permanent job in a university. Now I enjoy my job very much.
    So don't give up. Keep going. Try to find a volunteering job.

    Good Luck.

  • mark130273mark130273 Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 4,234Registered
    have to say thou Volunterring jobs dont pay the bills ?
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