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Sandy & Steve

gillwilsongillwilson Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 41
Just would like to thanks Sandy and Steve for providing their answers.

For some a comfort, for some shear panic. Whatever, this is a great thing these guys provide whether it puts our minds at rest or gives us a good idea of what to expect come August and February.

Again many thanks guys.



  • GlynisGlynis Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 488
    Steve and Sandy are the most knowledgeable and dedicated people I have ever come across.

    Steve, the help you have given me with DFS over the last few weeks is really appreciated.

    Your answers have helped me understand why my cash flow didn't balance and also helped me calm down somewhat!

    Sandy and yourself are a credit to the AAT.

    Thanks again

  • ben77ben77 Just Joined Registered Posts: 2

    hi all
    i need the answers for the last exsm plsss:confused:
  • cs_1988cs_1988 Well-Known Registered Posts: 231

    Would like to echo their comments. It's great to be able to settle nerves after the exams, thank you both so much. I will be making a donation once i get paid lol! Buying a PS3 and Tv at the start of the month wasnt a great idea!!

    But thanks again guys.


    (i'm up this late as i am finishing Unit 10 and my Familiarisation skills tests before i go on holiday - Why i didnt do them when i actually studied intermediate last year i dont know!)
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