May be a stupid question ...

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Hello you lot,

Just googling, looking for various accounting jobs, salaries ya do.

Just wondering what different positions within the the finance and banking sector the AAT qualification will look good on a CV for ??

Can it take you in different directions away from accountancy - investment positions, stock broker etc ??

I've only just sat my Foundation exam but am trying to get in mind what I'm aiming for in the long run .

Any help from you learn'ed lot would be most grateful.


  • Sonny_L
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    Investment Banking (I presume you're on about the mega money front office jobs) is uber, uber, UBER competetive. A 1st class Oxbridge degree complimented with big 4 experience and ACA are reportedly quite sought after by banks.
  • Bookworm55
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    I would suspect the further you get from accounting, the less likely the AAT is to be appreciated or even understood. (Finance departments of commercial/industrial companies would be the exception, but even there it's because there would be other finance/accounting professionals around)
  • mark130273
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    im thinking that AAT is not too badly looked upon , but there is a few businesses that will look at AAT as nothing much more than an "A" level !
  • steveJ
    steveJ Registered Posts: 694 Epic contributor 🐘
    What kind of qualification would i look to go onto after AAT if i wanted to get into the investment side of finance ?

    Im studying from home so will be paying all course fees myself (Cheapest way possible...pleassseeee)
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