limiting factor

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if no. of limited labour hrs are given, the no. of total product made are given and no. of labour hrs in each production department per hr is also given how to find that limiting factor is needed or nt e-g

no. of hrs per units in mixing dep are 0.20
total units made are 2100
no. hrs available 160

how we find limiting faactor


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    dont really understand your question. it could have been more clearer. the total hours available divided by the no. of hrs per unit will give u the no. of units that can be produced. ie 2,100 hours/.2= 800 units.

    now i make an ssumption coz i really dont get the question. that the 2,100 units are supposed to made but only 800 can be made coz of the limited labour hours. so labour hours is the limiting factor
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    thanks for trying to help the thing is i didnt understand the question as well just try to explain it here thanks
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    There was an article in one the AAT magazine that explained limiting factors really well. When i read it I understood it completely and then questions around it made sense.
    Have a look - I think they are online not sure
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