Unit 31 VAT Return

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Im doing the VAT return for Allegri Limited and have gone utterly blank..

When completing a VAT Return I have been given information in the form of Sales day book summary, purchase day summary, cash book summary and petty cash book summary......In the Cash book under 'Payments' it has an amount 'To Custom and excise' and also in the petty Cash book summary it has in the 'Payment' section a VAT amount...are both of these amounts VAT reclaimed on inputs or VAT due on outputs

I think I suck at this unit..it has to be my worst any help or guidence will be much appreciated


  • AK002
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    In the cash book the payments to Custom and excise (or HM Revenue and Customs as they are now know) will be payment of last quarters VAT liability.

    In the petty cash book it will be reclaimable VAT on purchases.

    Although in the cash book there really should be 2 columns with VAT in them, one being reclaimable VAT on purchases, and one being payments to clear PQ liability.
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