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hey, can anyone tell me how to delete a payment from customer on sage please. have entered the receipts from customer for more than one time, but could not find out how to delete them. thanks


  • Kecak
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    Which version of the program? (Help>About)

    Which VAT scheme are you on? Standard/VAT Cash? (Settings>Company Preferences>VAT or Parameters on older versions)

    If you can find the duplicate transaction that you want to delete, you can go to File>Maintenance>Corrections and delete it. If you're on VAT Cash, you might need to reverse the transaction instead.

    I can give a better answer if you can answer those 1st questions.
  • meibaker
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  • meibaker
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    hi kecak:
    thanks for your help, use the file> maintenance and delete the files. thanks
  • meibaker
    meibaker Registered Posts: 481
    i am now in trouble with petty cash report, i entered the vouchers for the petty cash , but could not find any report for it. where did i go wrong?thanks
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