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GlynisGlynis Trusted RegularPosts: 488Registered
Can you tell me how I can get hold of a copy of your IAS book please?

I am planning to start ACCA in September and would like to keep up to date.

Thanks as always.



  • CathGCathG Well-Known Posts: 145Registered
    I got mine from


    there's a link on the home page (there's a link on the right hand side just under the 'JoinUs info')

    I found it really useful when preparing for the DFS exam earlier this month.

    The price is currently £13.50 but I believe it is going to press soon so it'll increase in price.
  • Steve CollingsSteve Collings Experienced Mentor Posts: 997Registered

    Thanks Cath.

    Cath is right, the book publishes in a few weeks (hold up due to typesetting issues) and I am afraid I will have to increase the price but AccountancyStudents members will get it at a discount.

    I hope you find it useful.

    Best wishes

  • GlynisGlynis Trusted Regular Posts: 488Registered
    Dear Steve

    Sorry another question.

    In the cash flow statement on page 33 of your guide can you explain where the 700 dividends is calculated?

    Its probably obvious but I can't seem to see it.


  • Steve CollingsSteve Collings Experienced Mentor Posts: 997Registered
    Hi Glynis,

    At the top of the page is a note telling you how much the dividends paid in the year are.


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