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Hello everyone,

I worked in an accountants for two years and also have 120 points of a degree and am looking to start the aat at the advanced certificate level. I currently have commitments so am choosing the diploma pathway and studying from home. I just have a couple of questions.

This may sound like a silly question but do you have to study at an establishment say kaplan, bpp etc in order to be eligible for the exams or in theory could you purchase the books yourself study off your own back and then just pay for exams and membership?

Also does anyone know the best home based learning establishment for the advanced certificate, i have searched the internet but seem to be finding pretty bad reviews on most of them? I am based in the north west of england.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Kind regards


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    I'm looking into it at the moment because I'm changing provider for Advanced Certificate. As far as I can tell for the 2 units that are tested by exam you can buy the books, work through them yourself and enter the exam - I believe when you enter the exam the AAT send you a list of centre's that accept external students for exams and you pick the one that suits you best. As far as the units with skills tests go I'm not sure, although I think you have to pay for the full unit. I'm probably going to do the exam units by myself and go with Kaplan for the others, purely because they're the one's who have a centre near me.
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