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Hi All,

I am awaiting my final AAT results in August and would hopefully like to study the AAT-ACA fast track after. I have checked the ICAEW website and contacted them by phone and have been told the strict criteria, such as 450 days work exp at an authorised ACA trainer, that have to be met before applying.

My current employer is a law firm and is not currently an authorised ACA trainer, but will apply if I ask them to. I have worked in accounts, mostly management account side for 3 years and we have CIMA, ACA and ACCA qualified employees, who would not mind being a mentor.

Would anyone who has started the AAT-ACA fast track or is in the process of applying be able to advise whether there is any way I can apply for the AAT-ACA fast track, without having to wait 450 days after my employer is ACA authorised?


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    You should be able to count up to the last 12 months before you register as a student as prior experience gained. My employer only registered as a training provider in October of last year but I managed to backdate two months of experience from the end of July.

    However, the forms have changed since then as I have noticed a minimum of three months application criteria that wasn't there when I signed up.

    Even if you get the 12 months credit, you will still have to do 300 days of Technical Work Experience (TWE) as this is one of the fundamental principles of becoming an ACA member and this cannot be avoided. There is a form you have to fill in every six months to evidence this experience (and another form if you're interested in the Audit Qualification). You will also have Structured Training in Ethics (STE) and Initial Professional Development (IPD) commitments to deal with.

    Hope this helps
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