Ripley Munufaturing Part 3

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I am just about to do Part 3 of Unit 31 Ripley Manufacturing, but it is all based on your place of work...i.e tasks to do, getting the health and safety requirements, obtain a copy of the emergency proceedure...accident reports and layout etc..

but I am unemployed and am not at college (doing AAT distance learning with Premier Training)...How do I do this section ..has anyone else done this and what did they do?:confused1:


  • mikes
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    You can ask if a friend or a family member can get details from their place of work for you and for the office layout, maybe make one up. They generaly just want to see if you understand the topic generally and can answer the questions on your own. Premier can confirm if this is acceptable, or if they provide mock examples for you to work from.

    Incidently, I have just come across a copy of my questions for your previous thread, regarding the combined P&L. I haven't done this subject yet, but if you want i can have a go later on and let you know how i got on and compare notes, to see if we have both got similar answers, although i am now guessing that this may be too late as you are now on the mock test.

    I didn't realise that this was on the short test, until I was typing up my mock test for the CMCC unit, the other day.
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