Where are the past exam papers?

Fiona Registered Posts: 2 New contributor ?
i found the new website is not user friendly at all. Maybe that's just me:confused1:
Could anyone help me find the past exam papers?
Many thanks


  • pirate
    pirate Registered Posts: 469
    You need to login to your account
    When you are in the Myaat page in the middle, in a green box at the top at the top is written=study zone - past exam papers...
    If you scroll down to the bottom of this box you will see yor qualification eg Advanced 2005..to the left of this isthe word open in green
    click on open and you will see Unit 5 etc or whatever the units are in your qualification
    If you then click on the unit it takes you to another screen and in the middle you can see all the past exam papers

    think it a bit convulted myself but hey ho

  • louise harrison
    louise harrison Registered Posts: 4 New contributor ?
    fra answers past papers

    i have followed the instructions given and gone to the area where it says study zone but the box underneath say interm 2003 i can only find the questions to june 09 bot the answers can someone help. i also read an eail where someone has put the answers i know that the one for depreciation wasnt the same as i gave. my answer was 510 not 1110. does anybody no this. also my etb was different and my bs wans different to these answers. mine balanced,, :001_unsure:
  • mikes
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    The answers for all June 09 exams dont come out until Mid August, with the results and the chief assessor reports.
  • Fiona
    Fiona Registered Posts: 2 New contributor ?
    Thanks very much for your help.

    i've got another question. I could see all the exam papers, but as i looked into simulation papers, there is only guidance and answer. where is the question paper? Anyone knows?
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