unit 10-any fraud implications in a credit control system?

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as above? struggling to fill 3000 words!

any fraud imlplications?

also any advice or tips on improving a credit control system project and what to write about?


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    There is a thread which appears in the intermediate section, which someone had asked a similar question and a reply. You can try that for starters.

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    teeming and lading is worth reading about
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    Here are a few I can quickly think of, mostly involving rogue credit controllers or people working within a purchase ledger system where adequate prevention controls are not in place;

    People submitting bogus invoices with their own account details on for payment. If you control the bank accounts, you could get away with it.

    People fraudulently agreeing fake discounts with genuine clients, possibly for cash payment, where they will personally keep a portion of the money then pass the remainder to the organisation as "settlement".

    Being complicit in a major fraud by deliberately not credit checking potential debtors or submitting false credit information. Probably wouldn't work in any medium sized company but entirely possible in smaller businesses.

    Just look at the systems currently in place within your own organisation, then try to imagine if you were devious enough, how you'd exploit them for personal gain. Few systems are completely bulletproof if someone is deviant enough.
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