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I have completed all of the units and skills tests on my foundation course, they have been signed off by my tutor and she said i will not need to come back until i need to enrol, but i have checked on the AAT website and only 5 of the 7 units have been completed. has anybody else had this?

I understand that the exam wont be on there till august but i cant see why the unit 3 skills test is still shown as not completed

any help would be much appreiated




  • AK002
    AK002 Registered Posts: 2,492
    Yep i've got a few outstanding (apparently)

    it just means your college hasn't updated the records.
  • Nicky P
    Nicky P Registered Posts: 2 New contributor ?
    Get in touch with your college because they have to update it! I had a problem with this and it got sorted out by the college.
  • jorja1986
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    Took nearly a month for my Provider to sign off Unit 10 - KEEP CHASING :thumbup:
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