Salaried and offered overtime

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Apparently, the guy who replaced me when I moved roles may not be working out so well and it's been hinted to me that I may get offered overtime - which I'd happily take :tongue_smilie:

My question though, is how much should be I asking for? Should I find out what he was being paid and ask for that, or should I calculate what my effective hourly rate is? And perhaps add a premium as I'd be working weekends??

Wot d'ya fink?

I probably won't even get it, but if I do, I want to know in my head how much I should be asking for


  • jilt
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    Does your company not already have set overtime rates?
  • LondonMatt
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    jilt wrote: »
    Does your company not already have set overtime rates?

    Nope, no need. All the work should be and can be done within a 40 hour week. This is just an exemption, brought about by his (apparent) incompetence and the fact the department is moving in 5 months - spend a month training a temp only to have them move on? Or not work out either?
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    The usual thing would be time and a half for weekdays and Saturdays with double time on Sundays (to reflect the burden of having to work on usually the only guaranteed rest day). If they really want you to do it they'll agree to it, if not you have a starting point for negotiation to standard time weekdays with time and a half for Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Buff
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    I'm salaried myself, but often have to work unsociable hours - early morning starts to late night finishes through to Saturday - Sunday working too.

    The company has a set overtime policy which lists what the rates are - if your company doesn't have such a policy then I guess it is down to you to negotiate the terms on which you work the over time.

    I receive double time regardless of whether it's Sat or Sun, some others get time +1/2 Sat and Double Sunday, others don't get bugger all - just normal salary so it varies business by business; don't be too offended though if they say "no", with the current climate they need to be wary of additional expenses.
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