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Hi everyone,

I need some advice. I volunteered to become the treasurer for a schools charity. After receiving the books (there income is below the threshhold for having to submit accounts) I have established that there petty cash is just they give you a receipt and you give them the money. Should I get proper petty cash slips? or would this rub people up the wrong way?

For example they recently had a games evening most people had receipts but one of the women needed £49 cash which they took out the takings to pay the lady who had bought the samosas but I am struggling to get a receipt now

Also everyone voted to donate some money to a special themed week at the school. Cash was given but again I haven't had any receipts and keep asking everyone but feel as if I am coming across as being OTT but if i'm doing something I do it properly!

Can anyone offer me any advice as feeling really fed up and wished i'd never volunteered in the first place!


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    I know exactly how you feel!!! I've been a PTA treasurer for two years now and I still struggle to get people to give me receipts.

    What I have done is got myself a small receipt book. If they cannot give me the till receipt or whatever I fill in a receipt slip with who is claiming the cash and what for etc etc ... They then have to sign it!

    The old timer committee members didn't like it much to start with but the other option was that they did the accounts themselves!!! They soon got the hang of it!

    The worst culprit in my situation is the chairperson who thinks she can do what she wants when she wants to....after every fundraiser she has to take the cash home and count it up so that she can announce the profit...its a going for glory situation for her !!!

    I'm slowly getting her to understand (mainly by collecting up the expense receipts before she gets hold of them!) that I have a legal responsibility to protect and manage the funds of the PTA and she can't just do as she pleases.

    If you want some back up information the NCPTA website has a good practice guide for PTA Treasurers which I found useful.

    Hope that helps
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    Thank you I feel so much better now. 1st item on the shopping list for the weekend - receipt book!
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    You know i have been thinking of volunteering but reading something like this puts me off as i dont know what i will let myself into.
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    I only started a couple of months ago and loved helping organising the summer games evening but it wasn't til I offically started the treasury role that I came across the problems above. Don't let me put you off. If you can take anything from our posts above then before you agree to do it ask the current treasurer to show you how they do things and if they haven't got a receipt book as suggested above tell them before that this is something you intend to introduce.

    Keep me posted how you get on - I don't feel so alone now!!
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