What name?

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I'm thinking of starting as self employed...just wondering, do all the MIPs go by a Business name? How did you come up with it? Would be interested in any suitable wording to include e.g

XX Accounting Solutions

Also I want a name starting with A but can't seem to think of one. I want it to be very high on a list.

Any advise will be much appreciated




  • claudialowe
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    I wouldn't worry about being high up on a list - I don't think many people use, say yellow pages, when looking for an accountant. Most people will ask their friends, colleagues etc to recommend someone.

    Think of a name that you like - and check that the initials don't spell something inappropriate :ohmy:

    Alternatively, you can just use your name!

  • deanshepherd
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    Aardvark Accounting should do it!
  • Sonny_L
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    Hahahah that reminds me of an old Blackadder episode, the dictionary one in series 3.
  • blobbyh
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    Funny, I was gonna suggest Aarthur Aardvark as a name (and one I've used previously elsewhere...)
  • AdamR
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    Anything but Arthur Anderson
  • AK002
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    As said i doubt you'll drum up most business from the phone book tbh, accountants are more word of mouth..

    Whatever name you pick, get flyers up at burger vans, shops etc (Sole trade builders tend to flock to burger vans at lunch times ;))
  • tripod333
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    Abacus Accounting.
    No, only kidding! it is probably the most over-used name.
    And if you ever wanted to change to Limited Company it would already be taken.

    It might be worth entering any name in the below link to companies house Limited company database to check it hasn't been used already.

  • T.C.
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    Most of my clients came through word of mouth. I use just my name followed by FMAAT. Most people who do look me up are either looking for me in particular or someone in my location. I don't think many prospective clients going looking for an accountant blind, as it were.
    Good luck with your choice, but don't under-estimate the power of your own name!
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