Can I do a friends Tax Return?

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Hello, I am currently working at a firm of accountans, and I am just finishing the intermediate level of the AAT. I have worked in two practeses on a day release basis for 3 years, my previous employer was a member of the ACCA, my current employer is a member of the AFA and AAIA. I have been asked by a friends mother if I would do her tax return. She has a small mobile hairdressing business, she would be willing to pay me a small amount of money to do this. I am not sure if this is legal, do I need to have any specific qualifications etc? I have done lots of tax returns before and I dont think I would have any trouble completeing it. My employer is willing to review this before anything is submitted, so I'm confident it will be accurate.

I would be very greatful if anyone could clear this up for me as I could use the extra work and experience.

Thanks very much. Christopher Green


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    No quals needed.

    Just tell her you won't be putting her payment to you as a business expense and that she is 100% responsible for the content of the return.

    She doesn't like it, she can go to a CA and pay full whack can't she?
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    thanks for the fast reply, so your saying its ojkay to produce a set of accounts for her and then file her tax return for her aswell? Would I have to file a 62-8 to act as her agent or do I just do fill in her return and let her sign it and submit it? I want to do this properly and she is also concerned that it is done officially! Thanks again!:glare:
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    Words of caution - if you are receiving money you should make sure that you are registered in accordance with Money Laundering Regulations because as far as I am aware if any money changes hands you must either be covered by a professional body or registered with the Government. Acting as agent might lead HMRC to believe that you are self employed and lead to problems for yourself vis-a-vis self employment income and registering as self employed with HMRC
    Should be considered seriously.
  • ChristopherGreen
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    thanks for the help, if anyone has any more advice I'd be really greatfull to hear it, what would you recommend charging for the accounts and return? turnover is about 8k with no other income. thanks chris green
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