Unit 15 simulation request, please.

Mikeyabosbht Registered Posts: 19 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?

Does anybody have any spare Unit 15 Cash management skills test papers, please? Preferably with answers.

I have already printed off the one on this site.

Has any body taken the unit 15 skills test recently? Did it mirror the paper on this site or are they making it harder?

Thanks for any replies.


  • NickyW
    NickyW Registered Posts: 97 ? ? ?
    Can you tell me where you got the paper from on this site? I have found the answers but could not find the questions.
  • Greycow
    Greycow Registered Posts: 83 ? ? ?
    I emailed AAT and their reply was

    "The papers have been taken from our website due to an error which we are currently looking into.

    I would recommend that you speak to your course tutor who should be able to provide you with dead simulations in the meantime."

    This is not a great deal of help to me as I sat the sim last year and failed but due to work and home etc i have not been able to schedule a resit until 28 Jul so technically I do not have a course tutor. I am just going to have to make do with the ones in the back of my BPP book.

    Good luck with your studies
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