ACCA providers in Cambridge?

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Anyone know of any good ACCA providers in Cambridge? I'm with Kaplan at the moment, but I don't think they do ACCA in Cambridge.....finding out now.

I know BPP do it, but are they good? Also, are they cheap?


  • Bluewednesday
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    London Matt

    The best tutor I ever had was from BPP in Cambridge, he does the law, audit and financial reporting papers.

    I even tried to see if I could get to him for the advanced audit papers as he was so great.

    I know their pass rate is very high there, I would say if you have the option to go to BPP then you would be mad not to.

  • AdamR
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    LondonMatt wrote: »
    Argh, stay away!:001_unsure::crying:


    I'm with BPP in Nottingham for ACA and I agree with Annette: they are very good. A few administration failings though..!
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