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i am due to start technician level in september (fingers crossed i pass intermidiate).. but i have been told that there is no longer any funding for this course from my college.. after i have been funded for both foundation and intermidiate.. i am a modern apprentice but my work seems as though they are also not going to part with the cash to fund my course this year...

has anybody else had this problem? any advice?

im just wondering if my age is an issue as im 19?

thanks in advance!



  • mark130273
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    i got no funding at all!!!!!!!!!! but looks good on a cv if you put on self-funded !
  • AK002
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    In Scotland the goverment only fund Foundation and intermediate, Technician you have to pay for yourself, may be the same where you are?
  • Luflux
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    You may be eligible for funding through BPP, depending on your location.
  • djmysterplex
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    thanks for the advice il get o touch with bpp :D
  • messedup89
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    I was government funded for intermediate level. I am currently studying Technician stage. However i was informed by my college that as of the end of 2008, the government has removed funding for level 4. Lucky for me tho my emploer is funding Level 4 and ACCA when i finish AAT
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