Finance Act 2008 (Out of Date Textbook)

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Please can someone help me!

I am studing Unit 18 via home study and purchased all of the technician textbooks in 2008 and now I am only just getting round to doing Unit 18. In the first chapter "Introduction" it states that the Finance Act 2007 will be examined in the June & December 2008 exams. I am worried that the Finance Act for 2008 will be different to 2007 & also is it actually 2008 that will be examined this year?!

Does anyone have the current textbook / course companion that I could compare a few key pages with?

Thank you :001_smile:


  • Steve Collings
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    I think you would need to purchase another text book for Finance Act 2008. This Finance Act brought about some significant changes which are not looked at in Finance Act 2007.

    It is not worth using an out of date text book for your tax exams so it's better in the long run to purchase material written specifically for FA 2008.

    Kind regards

  • jow774
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    Ive been donated a PTC text book which is dated 2009 FA08 can I use this textbook for the December exams or will it be out of date then?

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